Sunday, 2 July 2017

Places That Regularly Host Contests

If you are here, you are probably a fan of contests. I have always gotten a thrill out of entering a contest. Even if it is a statistically low chance that you will win a big prize, it is fun to imagine what you would do with your winnings. This is the attitude I try to stick to when I enter giveaways. You see, it is a little hobby of mine to help me decompress when I have a lot on my page. 
I'm currently studying to take the MCAT. It is a test required at most universities for entry into medical programs. Although I find the subject matter to be fascinating, it can really make your mind go numb after long stretches of studying. I am sure some of you probably have something similar in your life that you are passionate about, but leaves you mentally exhausted. Anyway, I have paid my own way through school up to this point which means I do not have much as far as disposable income goes. I'm no stranger to splurging on higher quality things, but I try to stretch my dollar when it's advantageous. 

In all my time contesting, I have found there are many companies that regularly host their own contests. Although I intend to inform you of these contests whenever possible, it's probably best that you are familiar with these sources. 

Movie or Cinema Contests
Landmark Cinemas usually has at least 2-3 contests going at once. At the moment, they have a whooping five! The prizes are themed according to new theatrical releases and often feature prepaid visa cards, movie tickets, airfare/tickets to premieres, blu-rays (if you still collect those) and clothing. 
Cineplex offers similar contests. Ticket prizes are redeemable at Cineplex theatres.
Tribute Magazine also has several contests running at once. My favourite is their "Win Movies for a Year" contest they run annually! 
Scene Creek specializes in interview and reviews pertaining to entertainment and films of interest to Canadians. They also offer a variety of contests for movie tickets and prescreening shows.  
Warner Bros also provides contests for their movies. 

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