Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hey Capsule: Back Up Your Photos and Videos to Your Home + Giveaway


Have you ever lost your phone/camera/computer or had your data corrupt? It can be simply heartbreaking to lose photos and videos from your favourite family vacations or events. This actually happened to my mother about a month ago. She's frequently lets my nephew play games on her phone, but his little toddler fingers can often fumble it. We thought her phone would be safe as it was in a very protective case. Apparently, it experienced one drop too many and the micro-SD card data was corrupted. My mother began trying to reload the card several times before asking me for help. By the time I had it hooked up to a computer to extract anything salvageable, so many more files had been destroyed. I have tried relentlessly to convince her that several storage options should be used to save important information. I use several online cloud services to back up my pictures and videos. My mother cannot get over the fear of "the cloud"; I guess celebrity scandals and movies like "Sex Tape" make cloud storage seem like an open door to your personal information. However, I assure you that few people will want to steal access to your wedding photos! 

Hey Capsule is a company that appears to be building a home-based cloud system to host your most precious data. I am really eager to hear what innovations they have in mind for this device. Right now, they are giving away two Honest Company bath sets. All you have to do is fill out their simple form! Good luck!


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